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Introducing the GIGXR Immersive Learning System

Jun 11, 2020 8:47:30 AM

As undergraduate and graduate students sit in limbo, universities around the world are contemplating what the upcoming Fall 2020 school year will look like. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed every aspect of work and life — and universities, uniquely, must manage risk in both classrooms and on-campus housing situations. 

Many universities are offering students the option of attending in-person classes or taking them remotely, but for some, the issue goes deeper: how do you ensure positive learning outcomes for students in fields that require hands-on interactive learning, such as medicine and healthcare, in a socially distanced world?

Introducing the GIG Immersive Learning System for Fall 2020 

Our newly announced GIG Immersive Learning System was developed to meet the simulation requirements of teaching specific topics and activities in a remote setting. The system is intended to greatly improve learning outcomes while simplifying complex, real-life teaching and training scenarios with 3D and holographic video content placed in a physical learning environment. Our cloud-based system includes mixed reality applications that run on an intuitive immersive learning platform with all-new features, such as visual login, instructor content creation, session planning and more.


Remote and Socially Distanced Learning with Mixed Reality 

Instructors using the GIG Immersive Learning System can simultaneously and safely communicate with students located in the classroom or simulation center, across an auditorium, on campus, at home or even in other time zones using synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. Students participate in sessions on mixed reality headsets, such as Microsoft HoloLens 2, enabling a fully immersive mixed reality 3D learning experience, and in a more limited 2.5D experience on phones, tablets, and computers.

GIGXR’s new products are timely and will enhance academics’ ability to provide simulation activities that augment content, add realism and depth to clinical case studies, and allow students the ability to explore conditions in a safe, non-threatening environment.”

Dr. Jane Frost, University of Canberra

New Feature Additions for HoloPatient

We are thrilled to also be debuting new features for our flagship holographic mixed reality application, HoloPatient. The latest release will include five new pathologies to the existing content library, including Pre-eclampsia, Septic Shock, Dementia, Parkinsons and Hip Fracture. These pathologies show natural, life-size holographic patients who are exhibiting symptoms or changes to their injuries or illnesses. Also new to HoloPatient is an annotation feature allowing instructors to customize and label content in real time to focus student attention and response.

HoloPatient New Pathologies

GIGXR is extremely proud to deliver a solution that removes the physical, local constraints of simulation teaching, especially in this unprecedented pandemic. Because remote students can use this technology anywhere and still participate in the same manner as in-person students, we believe this all-new immersive learning platform not only will dramatically improve learning outcomes for the upcoming academic year but also will become a permanent fixture for the future of immersive learning. 

The GIGXR Immersive Learning System is available for demos and pre-orders starting today. 

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